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Backstory: Who is TenneCBD?

TenneCBD is the private label of LabCanna, who has one of the most interesting and prestigious backstories of any CBD company: they were the first company awarded a Hemp Processing License by the State of Tennessee (now a CBD hotbed), and one of the first CBD companies to bring a product to market in 2016. 

They’re still headquartered in Tennessee, and were just awarded the title of “Best CBD Retailer in Nashville” by the Nashville Scene magazine. LabCanna also runs a cafe that specializes in CBD-infused goods: Harvest by LabCanna, which opened in 2019. 

LabCanna and TenneCBD have earned their keep on the forefront of the CBD industry, but how does their product size up? We take a detailed look at their sourcing, farming, extraction, and lab-testing processes, then relate our personal experience with their products. 

Sourcing: Everything We Know About TenneCBD’s Hemp & Farming Methods

Summary: TenneCBD’s hemp is grown in Tennessee, but they don’t provide a ton of information on their farming practices. 

At Remedy Journey, we always prefer when a CBD company sources their own hemp from local farms: this is the best guarantee of quality and also encourages sustainable, community-based growing practices. That’s why we love TenneCBD: they’re Tennessean through and through, with locally-sourced hemp from their Tennessee farms (their founding farm is in Franklin, Tennessee) and a genetics research facility at their East Nashville headquarters.

Outside of that, though, we couldn’t find much information about their farming practices. We especially prioritize organic farming practices, but USDA organic certification is difficult to come by in the hemp industry so we won’t ding them too hard for not being organic.

Sourcing Score: 7.5/10

Extraction: Everything We Know About LabCanna’s Extraction Method

Summary: They use one of the best extraction methods — supercritical C02 extraction — and a distillation process to purify the final product. 

Extraction is a critically-important part of assessing the quality of a CBD oil: generally, ethanol and C02 extraction are considered the most reliable methods for retaining a quality, pure product. TenneCBD uses a Supercritical C02 Extraction method, a particularly effective method that involves using C02 as a solvent to isolate and extract the right parts of the hemp (the CBD, terpenes, and other cannabinoids). 

One unique thing about TenneCBD”s products is that, when you check the ingredients list on their full-spectrum products, they list both full-spectrum hemp extract AND CBD isolate (as opposed to just saying full-spectrum hemp extract). Presumably they do this to achieve a proprietary blend of terpenes and cannabinoids along with the CBD, while ensuring minimal THC levels. 

Either way, they use a high-quality extraction method, so they get good marks for this part of the report card. 

Extraction Score: 9.5/10

Lab-Testing: Everything We Know LabCanna’s Lab-Testing

Summary: They use an independent third-party lab in Oklahoma and regularly update the Certificates of Analysis for each product online. 

Finally, in a market saturated by poor quality products, lab-testing is more important than ever. Any reputable CBD brand will have their product lab-tested by an independent third-party lab, and TenneCBD is no exception (what else would you expect from a brand with “lab” in the title?): all their products are tested by a lab in Oklahoma. 

However, it’s not enough for a brand to just say that they’ve lab-tested their products: it’s also important that their results are posted online, so we can verify. LabCanna not only does that, but also posts a whole bunch of lab reports for different batches of each product products, ranging throughout the past year. 

This is a practice we love, since it allows us to verify consistent quality throughout their product line over time, so we’ll give them top marks for lab-testing. 

Lab-Testing: 9.5/10

Our Experience with TenneCBD

After we’ve conducted an objective analysis of their production methods, we like to give our subjective view of the brand and the products that we’ve tried. 

First things first, TenneCBD products are beautifully boxed and designed, a simple thing that nevertheless tends to reflect a commitment to quality. We tried out two of their CBD oils: the Formula Green Plus Full-Spectrum 1500mg (about 50mg per serving) and their Formula Black CBD Isolate (about 30mg per serving), along with their Stimulate 300mg CBD Balm and Alleviate 500mg CBD Balm.

Potent CBD oils tend to have a bit of an alcohol-y taste, but these oils were flavored with peppermint which made them go down particularly easily. We weren’t huge fans of the smell of the Alleviate Balm (a bit piney), but the Stimulate balm had a rich ginger smell that we really enjoyed.

And about the efficacy of these products? We thought they all worked great. The balms left us with a slightly tingly, relaxed feeling throughout the body, while both of the oils provided effective anxiety relief for the Remedy Journey team. Typically we prefer full-spectrum to CBD isolate, but we found that a 30mg dose of the Formula Black isolate felt pretty equivalent to a 50mg dose of the full-spectrum. Either way, we found these products to be highly effective. 

TenneCBD Products

We’ll briefly go over TenneCBD’s product line here, and then give you our thoughts on their pricing and selection in the Conclusion section. 

CBD Balm

Stimulate CBD Balm

  • 0.25oz/45mg of CBD: $6.99
  • 1.3oz/300mg of CBD: $34.99

Revitalize CBD Balm:

  • 0.25oz/45mg of CBD: $6.99
  • 1.3oz/300mg of CBD: $34.99

Alleviate CBD Balm:

  • .25 oz/75mg of CBD: $8.99
  • 1.3oz/500mg of CBD: $44.99


Formula Black CBD Isolate

  • 15ml/900mg of CBD: $63.99
  • 30ml/1800mg of CBD: $120

Formula Green Full-Spectrum CBD

  • 15ml/300mg of CBD: $35.99
  • 30ml/600mg of CBD: $63.99

Formula Green Plus Full-Spectrum CBD

  • 15ml/1500mg of CBD: $104.99
  • 30ml/3000mg of CBD: $199.99

Pet CBD Oil

Pet Plus Unflavored Tincture

  • 500mg of CBD: $39.99
  • 1000mg of CBD: $79.99

Pet Plus Beef Flavored Tincture

  • 500mg of CBD: $39.99
  • 1000mg of CBD: $79.99

CBD Vape Oil

Southern Peach Sweet Tea CBD Vape Oil

  • 600mg of CBD: $69.99

Southern Strawberry Shortcake CBD Vape Oil

  • 600mg of CBD: $69.99

Overall Score: 8.75/10

TenneCBD gets a strong recommendation from us: we love their focus on locally-sourced, sustainable hemp, and they use reputable extraction and lab-testing methods. Their products are competitively priced, and they offer a nice range of potencies on their oils and balms, going all the way up to a whopping 3000mg of CBD for their strongest Formula Green Plus oil. Finally, our personal experience with their products and company was uniformly positive. So, give them a shot, especially if you’re a Tennessean looking for something crafted with local love.