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2019 was the year that CBD took off, but what does 2020 hold for this newfound celebrity in the plant-based healing world? Though for many (including the US government and the FDA) CBD is a natural treatment or medicine, there’s also a definite CBD lifestyle coalescing primarily in big cities around CBD’s relaxing and calmness-promoting properties. This lifestyle is characterized by trendy, chic, minimalist spaces geared around relaxation and an escape from modernity. 

The pinnacle of this trend is a new 3-story CBD wellness boutique opened by popular upscale CBD retailer Standard Dose.

The Two Big Trends in CBD Wellness

Standard Dose’s new flagship CBD mecca is a synthesis of two major trends that have been developing in the CBD world this year. 

CBD-specific shops

The first example of this trend are the CBD-specific shops popping up in big cities all over the country. These shops are often storefronts for regional CBD brands who source their own products, and sell a wide variety of CBD-infused goods, including: 

  • Bath & beauty products (bath bombs, soaps, lotions, creams) 
  • Vape cartridges and equipment
  • CBD flower
  • Tinctures and oils
  • Pet foods
  • Edibles
  • CBD sodas and drinks

CBD-infused massages and facials

Topicals are the most widely-used and available CBD products; they’re powerful anti-inflammatories that can potentially treat a wide range of skin conditions (including eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis) because of CBD’s ability to slow skin cell growth, the problem at the root of most skin diseases. 

CBD topicals also enhance relaxation and can help relieve joint and muscle pain. So, smart and trendy spas are starting to offer treatments with CBD-infused oils and lotions. Spas, after all, are all about relaxation and calmness, what better way to augment that experience than with CBD? 

Standard Dose: the Next Step in CBD Wellness

Standard Dose was one of the first true luxury CBD stores, starting first as an online-only shop that sold high-end products from brands like Lord Jones, Prima, Modern Nature, and their own Standard Dose house brand. But now they’ve taken the next step, with a 3-story (and very boujee) CBD wellness center in New York City that combines the two above trends: it’s a high-end CBD shop, a spa, and much more (all of it CBD-infused).


Just this summer, Standard Dose opened a basement (or as they call it, subterranean) spa service with CBD-infused massages, facials, and more. 


Previously online-only, part of their new wellness center is a large storefront that carries most of the products carried in their online store. 

Tea and Coffee Bar

It doesn’t stop with a storefront and spa: Standard Dose also has a tea/coffee bar stock full of CBD-infused offerings to take your chill up a notch (and your energy, if you’re going the CBD coffee route). 

Yoga Classes

Along with their new spa service, Standard Dose is also offering yoga classes, which you can partake in before or after a massage, or before or after a CBD coffee, or whatever other CBD-infused thing you’re doing there. 

RJ’s pilgrimage to Standard Dose

That’s the rundown on Standard Dose, but that wasn’t enough, so when one of our RJ team members was in NYC on business he swung by for an in-person look. The sign out front advertised workshops and events, which is another staple of many CBD-specific shops: they make an effort to build a local community and educate people about CBD. 

Inside the Design

Now, we’ve been to a lot of boujee CBD shops, but this one definitely takes the cake: it has a taupe-pink interior with gorgeous product displays, marble countertops with ceramic-tiled walls, and modernist furniture. We’re not exaggerating when we say that every single item we saw in the Standard Dose wellness center seemed very deliberately chosen AND finely made. Top marks for design, no doubt. 

The Storefront

One of our favorite things about the store was the way they operated the storefront, and it was quite a bit different from your average CBD shop: there were no products. Well, let me rephrase: there were no product displays. Instead you go up to a beautiful taupe-pink ceramic bar full of samples of different products: lotions, balms, sprays, and oils. You try the sample, and if you like it then the budtender (hemptender?) fetches it from a storeroom in the back. PRETTY DOPE. 

Standard Dose’s other gig: plant-based medicine

They don’t stop at CBD, though: CBD is just one part of Standard Dose’s holistic, plant-based healing practice. They’ve got a range of extremely boujee looking plant-based supplements, including reishi mushroom, plant probiotics, adaptogenic teas and tinctures (which contain herbs that promote calmness and relaxation), matcha, and plant-based bath and beauty products as well. 


There’s no place quite like the Standard Dose wellness center in the US, and this synthesis of CBD storefronts with CBD wellness into a single clean, stylish, relaxing space may be the future of CBD.