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We’ve heard legend of CBD-infused kombucha around the Bay Area, but had yet to find any until, upon a return to one of our favorite Mission neighborhood haunts, Sidewalk Juice, we spotted a rare animal: mKombucha.

Ever since we stumbled on their Instagram page we’ve kept an eye out, and of course it was Sidewalk to deliver the goods (they’re also one of the very few Vybes retailers in the city). 

What we found in mKombucha was probably our favorite CBD-infused drink yet: tasty, health-promoting, and of the highest quality. 

Background: Who is mKombucha?

There’s not much published about mKombucha (their website is currently down as well), but we can glean a little from the label. The “m” stands for Mother of Medicine, and their slogan is: Ancient Wisdom Meets Modern Medicine. 

That seems to indicate a particular focus on therapeutic benefits and healing, which seems to naturally follow from the combination of CBD and kombucha, both renowned for their healing powers. But rather than take their word for it, we’ll let the drink stand on its own. To the review! 

mKombucha CBD Drink Review

Taste Score: 9.5/10

Does the drink taste bueno or no bueno?

The flavor of mKombucha we got our hands on was Black Currant, and I’ll admit I had no idea what a currant was, nor what it tastes like (turns out it’s a small berry/grape-like fruit native to Northern Europe). 

I’ll also have to admit that I was skeptical of CBD-infused kombucha, not being the hugest fan of the taste of kombucha. So how did this taste? 

It was actually, seriously, really good. It had a unique berry and passionfruit taste that was a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness. Whatever currants are, I dig em. 

The natural carbonation of the kombucha rounded out the taste nicely and gave it a little extra fruity kick. And how about the kombucha aspect of it? The kombucha-like taste was actually very mild, much more so than other kombucha I’ve tried like GT’s. 

On the whole I was pretty blown away by how good these tasted. 

Value Score: 8/10

How much CBD bang are you getting for your buck?

These are very pricey, at $8.50 a pop, and contain 15mg of organic full-spectrum CBD (a decent but not particularly large amount). The fact is, though, if you’re buying a cheap CBD-infused anything it’s probably not high quality. 

One thing we look for is whether or not the price point is reflected in the quality of the ingredients. With mKombucha (as you’ll see in the next section) the answer is yes, so we won’t penalize them too hard for the (admittedly extreme) price point and not-hugely-impressive amount of CBD.

Health score: 9.5/10

How committed is this brand to health and wellness? We look at all the ingredients.

mKombucha shines in this category for a number of reasons, the combined positive health benefits of CBD and kombucha being the biggest. What makes this a healthful combination? 

Well, CBD and kombucha target different things: kombucha targets the gut, and the microbiome of the gut has a critical influence on numerous aspects of health, including mood, mental health, inflammation, skin, and more. CBD, on the other hand, targets the endocannabinoid system, which similarly influences many aspects of overall health, but in a totally different way.

Put the two together and you should have a remarkable tonic for the mind and body. And here are a few more mKombucha highlights: 

  • All-organic ingredients (including CBD from organically-sourced hemp)
  • Includes black tea, green tea, white tea, and yerba mate, each of which has unique health benefits. 
  • Polyphenol-rich black currant juice. 
  • CBD is nano-emulsified, a form of CBD in which the CBD molecules are less than 100 nanometers long, AKA, really really small. These smaller molecules are more readily absorbed in the body and thus (in theory) more therapeutic. 

Relief Score: 8/10

Many of us consume CBD to relieve ailments. Does this product provide effective relief?

The Remedy Journey team generally use CBD as a tonic for anxiety, and we found this drink to be effective in this regard. 15mg is a bit on the light side (we prefer 20-25mg), but we also find organic full-spectrum CBD drinks to be more potent than their isolate and non-organic brethren. 

I actually experienced a powerful relaxing wave after drinking about half of it, though not everyone in the RJ squad felt the same level of relief that I did. 

X-Factor: 9/10

What makes this drink special? Does it promote productivity or focus? Does it get one “lit”?

First let’s get this off our chest: the combination of CBD and kombucha is amazing. We believe that many people likely have imbalances in both their endocannabinoid system and their gut microbiome, so a drink that can health both is exciting to us. 

The use of multiple teas, including green tea and yerba mate, gives you a small jolt of caffeine to go with the CBD chill. One of our favorite things a CBD drink can do is include a small dose of caffeine from a clean source; not too much, but enough to provide a boost without causing anxiety (exceptions are made for CBD coffees of course, oh how we love you). 

The label and design of the drink are gorgeous as well.

Gut healing + endocannabinoid soothing + energy boosting + sexy packaging = WINNING.

Final Verdict: 9.2/10

Let’s put it all together: what’s our overall take on this drink?

There’s little not to love about mKombucha, so we’ve dished out our highest score ever (kind of a big deal). They hit all our checks (organic, full-spectrum, lightly caffeinated) and a few we hadn’t even thought of yet (a CBD-infused drink that uses nano CBD? kudos to mKombucha for that). 

Sure, the price point is extreme, but you get what you pay for, and we think this CBD kombucha is worth every penny. 

Where to buy mKombucha


Unfortunately this drink is quite hard to find at the moment. It’s seemingly only available in California and one location in Arizona, and we’ve only seen or heard of it being sold in the following locations:

  • Sidewalk Juice, Address: 3100 24th St, San Francisco, CA 94110
  • Toasted and Roasted (on tap), Address: 7311 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046
  • Revolution Roasters (on tap), Address: 1836 S Coast Hwy, Oceanside, CA 92054
  • Valley Farm Market, Address: 9040 Campo Rd, Spring Valley, CA 91977
  • Del Mar Farmer’s Market (Saturday 1:00-4:00 PM), Address: Civic Center, 1050 Camino Del Mar, Del Mar, CA 92014
  • D’s Market, Address: 3640 N Miller Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Keep in mind that this brand is a newcomer; expect to see more and more of these guys, and check out their Instagram page for updates on where to find them. They’re based out of Carlsbad, California, so expect to find these in Cali locations first.