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Vaping CBD has a bit of a hardcore reputation. It’s the favored consumption method of legit CBD-heads, and no wonder why: vaping CBD is the quickest-absorbed method, it allows you to consume large amounts quickly, and it’s easy to reup.

But for the amateur CBD-enthusiast (or newcomer), vaping can seem a little intimidating. For one thing, it requires gear, which can get expensive. Dosage isn’t as straightforward as with edibles or drinks, and there are also some health concerns with how CBD vape oil is produced (there’s some evidence that small amounts of toxic metals are absorbed in the lungs when you vape).

So what equipment do you need to vape CBD? How much should you consume (how many puffs do you need)? Which vape oil should you buy? And what’s all this about health concerns and toxic metals? SLOW DOWN, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading for answers to all these questions and more.

Before we dive into it, here’s a quick chart summarizing whether or not vaping CBD is right for you.


Who it’s best for? Experienced CBD users
Who shouldn’t use it?CBD newbs
Recommended dose10mg – 50mg, depending on body weight and experience level (10-20 puffs, typically).
ExperienceCBD is absorbed fastest through vaping so the effects are felt more quickly. Besides that there shouldn’t be a difference in effects from other methods of consumption.
ProsHits quicker than other methods. Allows you to consume large doses quickly. Vaping is fun and makes you look cool.
ConsWears off quicker than other consumption methods. Toxic metals inherent in vaping. Difficulty dosing accurately.


The Basics on How to Vape CBD Oil

To get started, here are the two things you’ll need to vape CBD oil:

  • CBD vape juice (a type of CBD oil developed specifically for vaping)
  • A vape pen or a “tank style” vaporizer

The basics of vaping CBD are actually very simple: place your CBD vape juice or e-liquid in the heating chamber of your vaping device, turn on the device, then pull through the mouthpiece and inhale the vapor.

The tricky part is in choosing the right equipment and vape oil in a CBD market that is not lacking in diversity of choice.  There are seemingly a million types of disposable pen, refillable pens, cartridges, pods, and desktop vapes.

We’re here to help you sort it all out.

What CBD Vape Should I Use?

When shopping for CBD vape oil you’ll probably come across a plethora of terms: vape oil, vape juice, e-liquid.


All these terms mean the same thing: CBD oil that has been developed specifically for use in a vaporizer.

There are two basic types of CBD vapes: pen vapes and larger “tank style” or desktop vapes. Larger desktop vapes are typically reserved for the most hardcore CBD-heads, so pen vapes vapes are an ideal starting point for those new to CBD.

Here are the most common types of CBD vape pen.

1. Disposable Vape Pens

These are the simplest way to vape CBD, so they’re ideal for novices. Disposable pens come prefilled with CBD vape oil, and feature a small heating coil and battery.

2. Cartridges/Pods

These are mini tanks prefilled with CBD oil. The difference between cartridges and disposable pens is that cartridges do not come with a coil or battery; you need to purchase a compatible pen.

3. Refillable Pens

These are pens that you can recharge, refill, and reuse. They come with a battery and coil, along with a small tank for holding the CBD oil.

CBD Vape Dosage

First things first, here’s a quick summary of CBD dosage recommendations based on bodyweight:

  • Less than 150 lbs: 10-20mg CBD
  • 150-250 lbs: 20-30 mg CBD
  • 250+ lbs: 30-50 grams CBD

To figure out CBD dosage when vaping, first check the amount of CBD in the vape oil that you buy. CBD vape oils range between 25-1000mg of CBD.

If you’re new to vaping, start out with a lower CBD concentration. We recommend 200-300mg for CBD newbies. This should give you 20-30 doses.

Dosing CBD vape oil is more inexact than edibles or beverage, where you usually know exactly how much you’re getting per dosage. It’s difficult to say how much CBD you’ll get per inhalation, but typically you can consume a regular dose (15-25mg) in 10-20 moderate-sized inhalations of CBD vape oil.

A Step-by-step Beginner’s Guide to Vaping CBD Oil

Always read the owner’s manual for any CBD vape pen you buy, since it will contain specific details on how to operate the pen. But in general, here’s how most vape pens work.

  1. Connect your cartridge to your vape pen, or fill up your refillable pen with oil (if you’re using a disposable pen then no preparation is necessary).
  2. Click the power button 3-5 times to turn on your pen.
  3. Press the power button and start inhaling.
  4. Take a 10-15 small puffs and then wait 10-20 minutes.
  5. If you  haven’t experienced the relief that you seek, then work your way up to moderate sized puffs.


Potential Negative Health Effects of Vaping CBD oil

Vaping’s explosion in popularity has caused a big hubbub about potential negative health effects. While this has mostly been focused on e-cigs, the same concerns apply to cannabis vaping, and it turns out that these concerns are not entirely unwarranted.

Is Vaping CBD the Same as Vaping Nicotine?

If you’ve heard the uproar about whether or not vaping nicotine is safe, then you may be wondering if all the same concerns apply to vaping CBD. The answer is: some concerns do apply to vaping CBD, and others don’t.

Some of the concerns around e-cigarettes involve specific flavoring chemicals unique to vaping nicotine (like diacetyl, which is known to cause lung disease when inhaled).

However, two other central areas of concern do apply to vaping CBD: the inhalation of toxic metals, and the use of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin as an ingredient in vape oils.

The issue with toxic metals involves the heating coil in pen vapes, usually made from titanium, nickel-chromium alloy, or nickel wire. Studies have found that individuals using pen vapes are ingesting tiny amounts of metals; well below an amount that would normally have any influence of your health, but more than you would get without vaping. If you’re worried about exposure to metals, then you may be better off getting your CBD another way.

One study showed that propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin are toxic to cells. It’s also possible that you may be allergic to propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin. Make sure you research both the type of vaporizer and the vape oil that you buy to ensure there’s nothing in them that you are sensitive to.

So Should I Try Vaping CBD Oil?

If you’re a first-time CBD user, Remedy Journey does not recommend starting out with vape pens. This is mostly due to the difficulty of accurately dosing with a vape pen. The first one or two times you try CBD, we suggest consuming an edible, drink, or tincture, so you know exactly how much you’re getting.

Once you begin to appreciate the benefits and want to ante up your CBD experience, we’d recommend you give vaping a  try.

The concern with toxic metals is legit, and for that reason vaping isn’t Remedy Journey’s preferred method of consumption (hello sparkling soda). But the health concerns are admittedly minimal unless you’re a hardcore vaper (which, if you’re reading this, you’re probably not).