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Backstory: Who is Hempful Farms?

Like many other CBD brands, Hempful Farms was created because it’s founder, Chris Martin (not the Coldplay one), had an urgent medical need: he suffered from Cronh’s disease and struggled to afford prescription medication, and found that CBD helped. 

The backstory behind Hempful Farms’ pet line is similar: Martin’s dog had hip dysplasia that caused him to limp, and Martin found that CBD was helpful to him. 

We always like to see CBD brands driven by real-world experience and passion, and now, Hempful Farms has become one of Arizona’s burgeoning CBD brands and partnered with fellow Phoenix-based CBD company American Green to distribute products in dozens of states around the country. 

Sourcing: Everything We Know About Hempful Farms’ Farming Practices

Summary: They source only USDA-certified organic hemp grown in the US, and use no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. 

Not many hemp farms are USDA certified organic, but Hempful Farms is one of the few brands that sources all organic, US-grown hemp for their CBD products — a huge plus for us. They pride themselves on using hemp grown with no pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, or GMO crops, and also on their sustainable farming practices. And, finally, their products are all full-spectrum CBD, which may be more therapeutic than CBD isolate due to the entourage effect

Since they are organic, US-sourced, and full-spectrum, they get an excellent score for the sourcing section.

Sourcing Score: 9/10

Extraction: Everything We Know About How Hempful Farms Extracts Their CBD

Summary: They use a cold-pressing method called C02 extraction, along with a distillation process to purify their oil. 

Extraction plays a critical part in determining the quality of a CBD oil: generally, C02 extraction is considered the highest-quality and most reliable method, with ethanol extraction just behind. So, how does Hempful Farms extract their CBD? Ding, ding ding, with a C02 extraction process! For their more potent products they also use a distillation process to strip everything from the oil but the cannabinoids. 

Ultimately, Hempful Farms seems to use reliable and reputable extraction methods, so we’ll give them a solid score for this section as well. 

Extraction Score: 8.5/10

Lab-Testing: Everything We Know About How Hempful Farms Tests Their Products

Summary: They send their products to multiple independent labs and frequently post COAs for all of their products. 

This area is another strength for Hempful Farms: they have a detailed page with Certificates of Analysis for each product from Delta Verda Laboratory and KB Labs, both of which are labs based in Phoenix, Arizona. We were especially impressed with how recent the COAs were: most of the ones posted were from within 4-6 months, which means that they update their COAs regularly. 

This is exactly what we’re looking for: that each product contains the amount of CBD advertised, and that this quality is consistent and reliable. 

Lab-Testing Score: 9.5/10

Hempful Farms Products

Pet Products

Hemp Dog Treats

  • Large: $20
  • Small: $10

CBD Cat Treats: $10

Pet Tincture, 400mg of CBD: $30

Pet Healing Stick: $12

Flea and Tick Repellent: $20


Full Spectrum Hemp Oil:

  • 1100mg of CBD: $75
  • 800mg of CBD: $60
  • 400mg of CBD: $30

Hemp Oil Capsules

  • 100mg/capsule X 31 capsules: $100
  • 14mg/capsule x 31 capsules: $30

Topicals & Bath Products

Joint & Muscle Rub:

  • 150mg of CBD: $20
  • 500mg of CBD: $40

Hemp Healing Stick: $12

Hemp Bath Bombs: $12


CBD Gummies, 250mg of CBD/10 count (25mg per gummy): $25

Hemp Coffee (Roasted Beans), 120mg of CBD: $30

Hemp Honey Sticks 15mg of CBD/5 sticks per pack (3mg per stick): $10

Hemp Suckers, 100mg of CBD: $10 each


One thing we love about Hempful Farms is that their commitment to hemp goes beyond CBD, they’ve got a whole line of hemp products: hemp art, hemp T-Shirts, hemp sneakers, hemp cookbooks, you name it! It’s cool to see their enthusiasm, and we believe it shines through in the final product: consciously-sourced, properly extracted, and thoroughly tested for accurate CBD levels. 

Their prices aren’t bad as well, considering the quality of the product: most CBD oils that go above 1000mg per bottle will cost over $100 (if not more), they sell a 1100mg bottle for $75. 

On the whole, we think they’re a diamond in the rough, a smaller-scale CBD company doing it the right way.