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The latest, biggest stories on scientific research, legal developments, and economic trends in the CBD world. 

CBD Science

Summary: An exciting new study demonstrates CBD”s antipsychotic effects via brain imaging. The first ever OTC CBD product is approved by the FDA.

New brain imaging study documents CBD’s antipsychotic effects

A new study released by King’s College London (one of the leaders in the CBD research space) adds to the evidence indicating that CBD can help reduce symptoms of psychosis. Patients with psychosis were split into two groups: a placebo group, and one given CBD. Each group completed fMRI imaging sessions afterwards, and then their brain imagery was compared to a healthy group of people without psychosis:

Comparing the psychosis patients under placebo with the healthy control revealed significant differences in functional connectivity between the striatum and the hippocampus. Under the influence of CBD, however, the dysfunctional connectivity was notably reduced in the psychosis subjects.”

First over-the-counter CBD drug approved by FDA

The product, Elixicure, is a pain relief cream containing CBD extract. It is the first and only drug approved for OTC sale by the FDA.

CBD Legal Developments

Summary: US military servicemembers are still banned from using CBD; Iowa passes a new consumer-warning labelling law in response to concerns about CBD quality. 

US Military: CBD is still official banned

The US Air Force and Military Health System reiterated that any servicemember who tests positive for THC or CBD will face disciplinary action. 

Iowa one of the first states to implement consumer-warning labelling law

The new law requiring consumer-warning labels, which would have to be affixed in stores by any retailer selling CBD products, was passed by lawmakers due to concern over the potential inaccuracy of CBD product labels. 

Idaho state police order Colorado CBD company to forfeit $1.6 million hemp shipment

In January 2019, Idaho State Police seized over 6,000 pounds of what they identified as marijuana, “touting it as the biggest marijuana bust in the state’s history.” 

Even after the police realized that it was industrial hemp and dropped criminal charges, they still refused to surrender the shipment, and last week a judge ordered the company would have to forfeit the shipment. 

CBD Business Developments

Summary: Hemp prices and demand for CBD have both fallen, in a blow to hemp farmers, while more big brands jump into the CBD market. 

New Report: hemp prices fall by 30% as demand for CBD craters, in blow to farmers

After years of blue-skies positive news for the CBD industry, a new dour report documents that demand for CBD and hemp prices are rapidly falling, even as there’s a massive glut of supply in the market. 

The current mismatch between supply and demand can be attributed to years of overhyped headlines about demand for CBD that led to many farmers rushing into the market, combined with a continued lack of regulation of the CBD market by the FDA (including the outright prohibition of including CBD in food or drink) that has made big companies hesitant to leap into the market.

Sports Illustrated launches their own line of CBD products

One of the most exciting applications of CBD is for athletes and athletic recovery, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Sports Illustrated has just announced their own line of CBD products. Reportedly, this line will only be CBD “recovery” creams.