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Phoenix, Arizona is one of the fast growing metropolises in the country and the 5th most populous city in the US, and, like the rest of the US, the area has seen something of a hemp boom, with CBD stores popping up all over the suburbs. 

The Phoenix CBD scene is  on the up-and-up, but it’s also not quite mainstream yet either: in some cities you can find dozens of cafes and restaurants serving CBD-infused food and drink, but we haven’t seen that yet in Phoenix. 

But there are still plenty of great CBD spots to explore: in this article, we go over every place in the Valley that you can get CBD oil, CBD-infused food and drink options, and CBD massages/body treatments. 

Is CBD legal in Phoenix? 

Yes, in 2014 the Arizona Supreme Court ruled that CBD had medicinal value as a treatment for epilepsy, and can be legally purchased without a permit. Arizona authorities have said that any CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC, the limit set by the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized CBD nationwide, is legal in Arizona, though any product with THC above that limit will be treated by authorities as marijuana. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Phoenix (Stores that Sell CBD Oil)

These are the CBD hotspots in Phoenix: the places you can go to talk to some CBD experts and buy a range of CBD products. 

AZ Wholeistic

3 locations:

  1. Address: 2121 S Mill Ave #210, Tempe, AZ 85282; Hours: Mon-Fri: 10AM-6PM, Sat-Sun: 12PM-4PM
  2. Address: 10050 W Bell Rd #5, Sun City, AZ 85351; Hours: Mon-Fri: 10AM-6PM, Sat-Sun: 12PM-4PM
  3. Address: 13636 N Tatum Blvd #21a, Phoenix, AZ 85032; Hours: Mon-Fri: 10AM-7PM, Sat-Sun: 12PM-4PM

AZ Wholeistic is perhaps the best-known and most well-established CBD spot in the city (or *spots we should say, since there are three locations), and they’ve earned this reputation for a reason. Their site is full of helpful resources on the healing powers of CBD, and they’ve got a fantastic and broad selection of products, including capsules and edibles, oils and tinctures, vapes, topicals, and more

AZ Wholeistic also has a genuine commitment to quality and transparency: their products are rigorously tested (they post Certificates of Analysis on their website) and well sourced (they only use organic, USA-grown hemp).

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CBD Nutritional

Address: 3314 N 3rd St, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Hours: Mon-Wed, Fri: 10AM-4:30PM, Thu: 10AM-4:30PM, Sat: 12PM-3PM, Sun: Closed

CBD Nutritional is a family-owned and operated business that produces their own brand of organically-sourced, lab-tested CBD products. We love how transparent they are — providing a detailed walkthrough of their hemp sourcing, extraction, and lab-testing processes — and they’ve got a great selection of CBD products as well: oils and tinctures, CBD isolate products, topials, pet products, capsules, edibles, and more. They also have a beautiful store, with a CBD bar setup and helpful experts on hand to answer any questions you have. 

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Kaya Hemp Company

Address: 6102 N 16th St Suite 4, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Hours: Mon-Fri: 10AM-7PM, Sat: 10AM-5PM, Sun: Closed

Kaya Hemp has one of the best selections of CBD products in the city, and they carry both their own housemade brand with consciously-sourced hemp and a range of top national brands like Green Roads and Joy Organics. They’ve got pet products, oils and tinctures, vapes and inhalers, bath & body products, edibles, topicals, and even some oddities like CBD-infused toothpaste and mouthwash.

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Address: 15030 N Tatum Blvd Ste #130, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Hours: Mon-Fri: 10AM-7PM, Sat: 10AM-5PM, Sun: 10AM-4PM

Cannafyl is a veteran-owned and operated, Phoenix-based brand who focuses on full-spectrum, whole-plant CBD products. They offer a unique line of products that are third-party lab-tested (with Certificates of Analyses posted online) and contain a proprietary blend of terpenes and other natural herbs to help engender a unique headspace in the user: Balance, a classic CBD oil, Relax, a CBD oil infused with lavender, and also a CBD oil for pets and a couple kinds of topical salves. 

And that’s just the house brand: they carry a great selection of CBD brands that you can check out at their beautiful storefront (or on their website): vapes, topicals, pet products, edibles, and everything in-between. 

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CBD Health and Wellness

Address: 6969 E Shea Blvd Ste #155, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Hours: Mon-Sun: 10AM-6PM

This simple, spacy shop has a chic, stylish design and carries a range of top brands, including local brands like PHX Naturals and prominent national brands like Charlotte’s Web. Shop for topicals, concentrates, pet products, capsules, edibles, drinks, and even CBD flower strains.

Hempful Farms

Address: 1756 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85022

Hours: Mon-Fri: 8AM-5PM, Sat: 8AM-4PM, Sun: Closed

Hempful has an excellent selection of CBD products from their housemade Hempful brand, in particular they’ve got a great variety of topicals and bath & beauty products, including bath bombs, muscle and joint rubs, face serums, and even hemp oil-infused sunscreen (a rarity). 

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Address: 11841 N 19th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85029

Hours: Mon-Fri: 10AM-6PM, Sat: 10AM-3PM, Sun: Closed

CeRay CBD is another Phoenix CBD store that sources their own organically-grown hemp products: in particular, they specialize in CBD oils and tinctures with unique, tasty flavors. They also have a beautiful storefront where you can get personalized CBD advice and choose from their great selection of products that covers everything from pet tinctures and edibles to bath & beauty products. 

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Kure CBD and Vape

Address: 2737 W Thunderbird Rd #105, Phoenix, AZ 85053

Hours: Mon-Sat: 10AM-9PM, Sun: 12PM-7PM

Kure CBD and Vape carries a range of the best-known national CBD brands, including CBDMD and PachaMama, plus their own Kure CBD on Tap brand, which comes in 15ml and 30ml sizes and which you can choose your preferred potency. Even cooler (and this is pretty unique) their On Tap brand allows you to choose your own unique mix of flavors.

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Where to Buy CBD-Infused Food and Drink in Phoenix

Very few Arizona restaurants and cafes are currently serving up CBD-infused food and drink, but there are a couple spots where you can grab CBD goodies.

Spinelli’s Pizzeria

Spinelli’s Pizzeria is able to offer CBD-infused fare because they corresponded closely with Arizona authorities to ensure they wouldn’t face any legal troubles, and the result is a unique drink menu of CBD-infused cocktails, along with the ability to add a dose of CBD to your pizza for just $5 a slice (or $10 for a whole pizza).

The Mint Cafe

Unfortunately, you’ll need a medical marijuana card to get into this cafe, but if you’re one of the lucky ones then you can treat yourself to CBD-infused (or THC-infused) pizza, Mac & Cheese, burgers, and a selection of other American-style foods. Add anywhere from 25mg ($10.50) all the way up to 1000mg ($75).

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Where to Get CBD Massages and Body Treatments in Phoenix

CBD is not only a potent, relaxation-inducing anti-inflammatory, but promising new research has indicated that it may even be beneficial as a skin treatment. Phoenix-area massage therapists are taking notice and increasingly incorporating CBD into their treatments. 

Prana Mañana

Address: 700 W Campbell Ave Suite 11, Phoenix, AZ 85013

Hours: Mon, Thu, Fri: 9AM-8PM, Wed: Closed, Sat: 9AM-6PM, Sun: 10AM-6PM

Besides having the coolest name of any Phoenix massage therapist, Prana is also a CBD-centric massage practice: they even make their own CBD in Phoenix using organic materials. Adding CBD treatment to any of their massage services costs only $15.

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Platinum Medical Group

Address: 3930 E Ray Rd #180, Phoenix, AZ 85044

Hours: Mon, Tu, Thu, Fri: 8AM-12PM, 2:30PM-6PM

PMG is a clinic that specializes in pain relief and physical therapy, and kudos to them on being ahead of the curve (compared to many other clinics of this kind) and making CBD a centerpiece of their relief treatments. Their clinic uses the only CBD topical medication currently registered with the FDA that uses cannabidiol as an active ingredient. You can add CBD oil to their massage treatments for just $14. 

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Knead Me Massage

Address: 7200 W Bell Rd E 104, Glendale, AZ 85308

Hours: Tue: 9AM-1PM, Wed-Fri: 10AM-4PM, Sat: 10AM-3:30PM, Sun-Mon: Closed

Knead me offers a couple options for the CBD-curious: there’s a $25 stand alone CBD massage, where you go in for a brief, targeted CBD treatment of a specific area, or you can add CBD to any of Ashley’s massage services for $15. 

Living Kinetics

Living Kinetics use FDA-approved CBD oil from Charlotte’s Web (the best known and most established CBD producer in the country), and you can choose from two treatments: a “warming” CBD massage oil or a “cooling” CBD pain cream. Best of all: they don’t charge extra for CBD treatments, it’s included in the massage!