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Background: Who is Aurora?

Aurora Elixirs was founded in Oregon (which, along with Colorado, has become the epicenter of the booming CBD industry), by Victoria Pustynsky, who drew from her career in luxury wine and spirits to create a product that very much has the look, feel, and taste of a luxury product. 

Their drinks are special concoctions that piece together floral, piney, and woodsey flavors with the rich, fruity flavor or terpenes natural to cannabis. The aim of Aurora Elixir is to create modern cocktails, exquisite non-alcoholic beverages meant to suit an overstressed modern age. Do they succeed? Check out our review below. 

Aurora Elixirs CBD Drink Review

Taste Score: 10/10

Does the drink taste bueno or no bueno?

The flavor profile and overall taste is without a doubt the strength of these drinks: they’re delicious and uniquely tasty, maybe the best tasting CBD drink that we’ve tried. We got our hands on a sampler of their three flavors: 

  • Cayenne Citrus
  • Rosemary Grapefruit
  • Lavender Spice

We truly loved each one: each was mildly sweet, with a bold, tangy tartness that hits the tongue hard and then a smooth finish. These drinks also have a great mouthfeel: they’re slightly carbonated but not too much, with a nice fizz that spreads throughout the mouth. 

Value Score: 7.5/10

How much CBD bang are you getting for your buck?

Each Aurora Elixir drink contains 15mg of full-spectrum hemp extract, and a 4-pack is $20, while a 12-pack is $60. This rounds out to $5 per bottle. Now, it’s worth noting that these drinks are pretty small, only 6.7 ounces, so $5/each is fairly steep for such a small drink. Still, we see CBD-infused drinks range as high as $8-10, so the value on Aurora Elixirs isn’t too bad. 

Health score: 7/10

How committed is this brand to health and wellness? We look at all the ingredients.

Quickly scoping out the ingredients on this drink, there’s nothing particularly health-promoting about them: just water, hemp extract, cane sugar, “natural flavors” and additives like Gum Acacia and Ester Gum. We’re not big fans of cane sugar or additives, but admittedly this is more of a luxury tasting drink (like a fine wine) than a health drink, so we won’t ding them too hard on the health score. 

Relief Score: 8.5/10

Many of us consume CBD to relieve ailments. Does this product provide effective relief?

In this section we subjectively assess whether or not the dose of CBD provided relief, and this drink definitely provides a warm, calming sensation in the stomach that radiates throughout the body once it settles. The relaxing properties of Aurora Elixirs make it the perfect drink to consume after coffee or something caffeinated: it will balance out the energy while keeping your focused. 

X-Factor: 8/10

What makes this drink special? Does it promote productivity or focus? Does it get one “lit”?

Typically, in this section we review any other ingredients or properties of the drink that may promote relaxation or overall health. This drink is pretty straightforward, pretty much just water, sugar, “natural flavors,” and hemp extract. But, what undeniably makes this drinks special is the gorgeous design of the bottle and the label. 

The bottle is uniquely designed, small and sleek, and the label is gorgeous as well: with rich, solid colors offset by a bright gold Aurora logo in a pyramidal shape. These aren’t the kind of drinks you lug around town, they’re the kind you crack open and sip on at home like a fine wine or at a dinner party. 

Final Verdict: 8.67/10

Let’s put it all together: what’s our overall take on this drink?

More often, drinks in the CBD space tend to be more health & wellness focused, packed full of adaptogens and herbs, but Aurora Elixir takes it in a different direction, one more founded on style, aesthetic, and luxurious taste. In that task, it does a great job: the drink is beautiful, it tastes amazing, and gives the consumer an all-around luxurious experience. While it isn’t the healthiest CBD drink, it’s still one of our favorites. 

Where to buy Aurora Elixirs


Aurora has a helpful finder tool on their website that you can use to find retail locations selling their drinks. 


You can buy a 4-pack of Aurora Elixirs for $20, or a 12-pack for $60 at their online store