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Who we are

A team of skeptics who share a passion for researching, testing, and trying different remedies.

Our day-to-day pointman and CBD review-guru is Nolan Stevens, based in San Francisco, formerly of Northern Arizona University, writer and outdoor/fitness/health-enthusiast (nice to meet you!).

Our other team members are based in Austin, Texas, and Barcelona, Spain (yep, RJ is a global enterprise).

Why we do it

After all being highly skeptical of the supposed magic powers of CBD, we tried it for ourselves . . . and were shocked to see the positive impact.

But what was really happening? How do other people react? What does the science say?

We wanted to find out in detail — and thusly, Remedy Journey was born.

Like so many others, we’re tired of hearing contradictory claims and overconfident statements. It’s either “CBD IS THE MAGIC CURE FOR CANCER” or “THAT WORTHLESS HIPPY POTION IS PREVENTING PEOPLE FROM SEEKING REAL CARE.

We saw a unique juxtaposition:

  • The medical science is in its infancy, and leaves much to be desired
  • People have amazing remedy stories that cannot be ignored — and we want to share them with the world, so you, dear reader, can come to your own judgment.

Our philosophy

We don’t pretend to have all the answers.

Like so many others, we’re tired of hearing contradictory claims and overconfident statements. 

As our experiences and lives evolve, Remedy Journey will, too.

Our process

1. Research

Some of the many sources we’ve consulted:

2. Try 

Instead of reading affiliate reviews and taking it as gospel, we try every single product, grade it by a series of standardized criteria, and share our findings with you.

3. Ask

Beyond our own journies/experiments/trials/tribulations — and the medical research — what are OTHER REAL PEOPLE experiencing? We want to hear from you.


Reach out to tbj [at] [domain].com if you have a story.